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If the chance burnt down, hudson valley musicans may have a chance to thrive

If the chance theater burnt down, there would be a chance of having a “local” scene again. I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain. This may start off like a back in my day story so I’ll at least try to make it interesting. When I was in high school about ten years ago I was playing almost weekly at club crannel and by 17 headlined the same stage I saw all my idols preforms on. Now, was my band good ? Did we deserve that spot ? Well, probably not, but I believe we were rewarded for ambition. See there was a point in time where the chance had almost every night booked in all 3 of its clubs, and well promoted. Radio commercials, flyers for the month, event fliers, etc. People were aware of shows then, and now the same acts that could sell out the place preform for empty clubs while unaware fans sit blocks away bored. See, within the Hudson valley the club options and bar options are very limited. Capacity being a factor The chance is the default place for a show too small for t…

New Jamie Starr single Every Minute Mi Amore on iTunes!

Jamie Starr - I Need Your Love ( Ellie Goulding & Calvin Harris Cover - Piano Version )

Dreams Of Her - Letters To Amy E.P.

A Jamie Starr side project... Dreams Of Her... 

Dreams Of Her - Letters To Amy E.P.

Pete Kennedy - Come Away With Me